Rules & Regulations.
  We won't preamble, ya'll want to know how to cure your throat-ache. So, without further ado...

There is no 'death'. What you earn you keep forever. To whit, medals, badges and clasps. You achieve these in two ways:

1) Time fought.
2) Performance in battle.

Time (Total hours fought to be specific) gets you badges. Performance gets you medals and clasps. The badges are a record of your career in time, so not hugely exciting; all you need to do to earn them is turn up and fight. A screenshot of the Steam page, showing total hours played, posted in the command bunker (forum) is how you claim your assault badges.

Medals and clasps, however, will not be so easily earned. An IC2 won't be the greatest challenge but as you wend your way along the road towards Ritterkreutz glory you will sweat blood, sweat and tears (in a virtual stylee). I played DH for nearly 10 years and got no further than the Oak Leaves (not to sound like I'm sniffing at the cluster). If I'd been a teen putting in hours a day it would have been different of course but for those of us with jobs, family and RL shizzle with which to contend it won't be quick. Even less quick for those who don't hack or have 'l33t skillz', regardless of hours put in. But not everyone can be a gold medalist and it's all about the journey, right? Ya.

How well you fight is what gets you medals and clasps. This will be calculated in two ways. For medals it'll be the number of tanks you kill. For clasps it's your K/D ratio (Kill/Death) at the end of a battle.

Recording tank kills (fully tracked AFVs only): You must be the gunner and you must record and post footage (Shadow-Play or whatever other method you use) of your target tank being knocked out. Being in any other crew position means you don't get credited with the kill. However, if you are part of a crew in any other position you may claim one quarter of any tank kills and must also report any kills (vehicles) made by your gunner, they will be credited to the KGW as a unit kill.

At the end of a day's battles you must fill out a combat report at the Command Bunker (our forums). There you will find the necessary text ready to cut & paste into your post, needing only for you to add the appropriate details at the end of each line. In the same post you must provide confirmation for your claims. This can be footage (uploaded to youtube), screen-shots of the in-game scoreboard (use the forum attachment function to add them but please try to keep them small to save bandwidth and server space) and fellow gruppe personnel who were present and can act as witness to your claim/s.

Things you need to do and have:

A) A method of capturing in-game footage.
B) A youtube account, so you can upload and link the footage in the command bunker (forum: ).
C) Register at the command bunker, using the tag KGW~youringamename.
D) A microphone, for in-game voice comms. If you don't have comms you can't crew a panzer.

WiP here, so more to come etc.